As a testament to his effectiveness, his former students routinely return
to volunteer and assist with the program. Even while in high school, they return to mentor the elementary and middle school participants. It's clear to see how being involved with Project STEAM MD has instilled a sense of community and
hunger for challenges as these alumni return to continue their own
development as well.

Project STEAM MD has been a great academic asset to our children. And with
the road map and vision being articulated, its future is very promising. I
can easily see my 5th and 4th graders becoming those high school students
giving back.

As a parent, I'm grateful and very proud to have my children involved.

Tony Farthing

As my grandson has progressed through the past year in the program, we have 

seen him develop his skills in computer, math, electronic and art technology at a 

significant pace. Project STEAM MD has truly helped him achieve self-

confidence. At the same time, it has offered nurturing plus team spirit.  

Thanks for being a major partner during this period in his growth.

Shirley Washington

Project STEAM MD has had a direct impact on my daughter’s 

familiarity with science and technology based concepts, which has 

increased both her confidence and her competence with solving 

technological problems at home. She now volunteers to set up video 

equipment, assemble toys for her siblings, and learned to cook - all of 

which require following steps and sequences. 

She has had extensive education learning how to put together games 

and software in Project STEAM MD and has transferred this to 

projects at home. In addition, the building, testing and revising 

process that is used in all Project STEAM MD lessons has pushed 

her to improve her patience, long term planning, and ability to try 

something more than once until she gets it right. Overall, it has been 

a very valuable experience, and we will enroll her for year 2 in the fall 

of 2015. 

Kiu Eubanks

Disclaimer! This program is not affiliated or endorsed with Baltimore County Public Schools.